Interview With Cesar Hernandez

Interview With Cesar Hernandez

What is MicroProfile? How can we start to contribute to Open Source? This and much more, in our interview below with Cesar Hernandez!

Hi Cesar, please tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm a senior software engineer for Tomitribe, Java Champion, part of the Guatemala Java User Group and board member of JEspaƱol virtual Latin America JUG. I like to teach and love to learn technology in both conferences and formal curriculums like Universities programs.

What Open Source projects are you involved in?

Apache TomEEMicroProfile and Jakarta EE. I'm also the founder of tFactory.

Could you please tell us a little bit about Apache TomEE?

Apache TomEE is a lightweight application server for Java Enterprise Applications. It's also a MicroProfile compliant server. The project has a great active community that provides a healthy OpenSource environment for innovation. The official website is:

How can people like me, new to Open Source start to contribute?

It's straightforward. The first step required is to make you present in the mailing list by sending an email to

Once subscribed, make sure to say Hi! on the mailing list, and then you are just one Pull Request away from been an official contributor!. For more information check out the community section of the website:

The Apache TomEE community is always open to learn and share knowledge that I guarantee you it's going to contribute to your Java Enterprise knowledge and coding skills to the next level.

Could you please tell us a little bit about MicroProfile?

MicroProfile is an initiative that aims to provide modern Microservices architecture into Java Enterprise. It's an Open Source project hosted in the Eclipse Foundation and driven, supported and developed by the Open Source community and many vendors who are investing toward bringing into Java Enterprise the best API from the Microservice ecosystem.

What's so special about MicroProfile and why should we use it?

MicroProfile allows one to build scalable, secure and lightweight microservices. The API's provides out of the box many standard implementations for easy Monitoring, Security and Performance for REST services.

What does MicroProfile do better than other Java frameworks?

Since the project is open and inclusive, all the API's have been developing under a standard process that includes Specification, TCK and API that many vendors and Open Source project use for each API implementation.

How can we contribute to MicroProfile?

The first step is to join the mailing list!forum/microprofile, and you can check all projects API's in the website:

What is the status of Jakarta EE?

Jakarta EE is marching through the release of Jakarta EE 8 that is going to be the equivalent of the release Oracle did with Java EE 8. Because Jakarta EE is also Open Source, now the Java communities are helping in different ways to move forward the project that now is hosted under the Eclipse Foundation.

Something else you would like to bring up?

I want to encourage people to join the fun of been part of an Open Source project; it allows you to learn and also share your thoughts over a community that supports a particular project. See it as a fun and excellent investment to say Thank You to all those technologies that are aware of us all the time and their Open Source communities that maintain them.

Where can we find you on the Internet?

You can follow me on Twitter: @CesarHgt and subscribe to my blog:

Cesar, thank you for the interview!

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